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Services we can provide.

The setting up of a vegetable garden is a three stage process and we can help with any or all of those stages. 

1.   Initial Site Analysis.

Comprising a site visit, survey and soil analysis, this is the planning stage of your fruit and vegetable garden.  Firstly we need to find out what you want from your veg plot - what do you like to eat, how much time do you have, etc.  Then we can look at the site and see what options there are: for example where would be the best place for the plot, what is the soil like, what about drainage, etc.  We will take soil samples for analysis.  After the site visit, we will prepare a design and planting plan for you to keep and use to create your perfect fruit and veg plot.

Cost: From £15 including soil analysis  

2.   Building the Vegetable Plot.

Working from the design plan (or your own design if prefered) we can build and install raised beds and stock these with young plants appropriate to your tastes and the season.  We will provide a future planting plan allowing you to keep the raised beds full and productive throughout the year.

Beds can be painted in a range of colours to brighten and fit in with any garden and can be large or small depending on space and needs.

Once the beds are installed and stocked you will be harvesting your own fresh produce within a couple of weeks.

Cost: Varies depending on size of beds etc.  As a guideline, on cleared ground, a 1mx1m stocked raised bed would cost around £100 to install. 

3.   Ongoing Plot Upkeep.

Fortnightly or monthly visits (depending on season and size) to restock the raised beds with young vegetable plants that fit your tastes and needs.  All you have to do is a little watering and tending, and then just harvest your own fresh produce as you wish.  We will send out weekly e-mails with advice, weather warnings and even recipes for the produce you will be harvesting from your own garden.

Cost: From £10 per week (minimum 6 month contract). Cost dependent on location and size of plot.