Grow your own organic box
The GFG Organic Box
The GFG Organic Box

Your Growing Organic Box from the Good Food Garden

In addition to the hands on services for your own garden, we can also supply ready planted boxes full of young vegetable plants.  These will happily grow away on your patio providing months of produce for you to harvest and eat.

A typical box may be filled with some young tomato plants, lettuces, peppers, pak choi and herbs.  As the cut and come again lettuces reach the end of their productive lives, they can be lifted out, allowing space for the tomatoes and peppers to fully develop.  The pak choi can be harvested as young cut and come again leaves - great in stir fries - or allowed to grow on and be eaten as whole crunchy leaves. 

The boxes are watertight and not too big (about 60cm by 40cm but they are all individual!).  We keep them as light as possible and whilst being made from recycled materials, are very attractive.  They come with full care and harvesting instructions.  See photos of them in the Gallery of Past Projects.

Box content will vary throughout the year, but if you have a particular favourite plant or fruit, then drop us a line and we will try to create your very own custom box!

Costs: From £25 delivered.